Floor Standing Networking Cabinets



  • Comply with ANSI/EIA;RS-310-D; DIN41491; PART1; IEC297-2; DIN41494; PART7; GB/T3047.2-92 standard, compatible 19” international
    standard, metric system standard and ETSI standard;
  • Optional cable entry on top cover and bottom panel, removable front & rear door and side panel facility, ventilation and rat-proof on the
  • Reliable structure, static loading capacity: 500KG
  • Adjustable feet and castors are available, moving conveniently, and fixing reliable
  • International popular tempered glass front door, steel rear door.
  • Varies optional accessories, reliable quality.
  • Good ventilation and heat dispersing .
  • Surface Finish : degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated.
  • Material : SPCC cold rolled steel
  • Thickness : mounting profile 2.0mm, others: 1.2-1.5mm
  • Degree of Protection : IP20
  • Color : RAL9004 (Black) ; RAL7035 (Gray)



Ordering Information:

Part Number Description Color Width Depth High
NB-CAB-015 22U Cabinet Black (RAL9004) 600mm 800mm 1166mm
NB-CAB-016 22U Cabinet Gray (RAL7035) 600mm 800mm 1166mm
NB-CAB-083 27U Cabinet Black (RAL9004) 600mm 800mm 1388mm
NB-CAB-084 27U Cabinet Gray (RAL7035) 600mm 800mm 1388mm
NB-CAB-017 42U Cabinet Black (RAL9004) 600mm 600mm 2055mm
NB-CAB-018 42U Cabinet Gray (RAL7035) 600mm 600mm 2055mm
NB-CAB-019 42U Cabinet Black (RAL9004) 600mm 800mm 2055mm
NB-CAB-020 42U Cabinet Gray (RAL7035) 600mm 800mm 2055mm
NB-CAB-097 42U Cabinet Black (RAL9004) 800mm 800mm 2055mm
NB-CAB-098 42U Cabinet Black (RAL9004) 800mm 1000mm 2055mm