Floor Standing Cabinet


  • Reliable structure, static loading capacity:600-800KG (Optional castors and plinth)
  • Adjustable feet and heavy duty castors are available simultaneously, moving conveniently and fixing reliably.
  • Front door margin could have vented holes for ventilation
  • Baying together easily,quickly,efficiently and firmly.
  • Toughened glass front door with vented holes,excellent and elegent exterior design, and rear metal door,exterior door hinge with 180 degrees,the door can be opened 180 degreees though connected,meeting the requirements of mechanical protection and ventilation.
  • Optional cable entry on top cover and bottom panel.Front, rear door and side panel can be removed facility, the bottom has the function of ventilation and rat-proof.
  • Varies optional accessories, reliable quality.
  • Optional opening hole and varies specification upon customers' special requirements.
  • Flexible packing methods allows for convenient stocking and end user delivery.
  •  8 heights-12U,15U,18U,22U,27U,32U,37U,42U,47U
  • 3 depth options-600,800 and 1000mm
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Customization requests welcome

Standard and Material:

Comply with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D;IEC297-2; DIN41491: PART1; DIN41494: PART7; GB/T3047.2-92  standard and ETSI standard.

Surface Finish: Degreasing,pickling,phosphating,powder coating.

Material: SPCC cold rolled steel or EG steel

Thickness: Mounting profile:2.0mm,others:1.20mm to1.50mm

Body color: RAL9004(black);RAL7035(grey) or other colors for options

Rear door with bolt lock

Front door panel with vented holes

Fast release side door

Block handle lock for front door

More details of product:

Model W×D×H mm Capacity Model W×D×H mm Capacity
WB-NC-A-6618 600×600×992 18U WB-NC-A-6632 600×600×1525 32U
WB-NC-A-6818 600×800×992 18U WB-NC-A-6832 600×800×1525 32U
WB-NC-A-6918 600×900×992 18U WB-NC-A-6932 600×900×1525 32U
WB-NC-A-6A18 600×960×992 18U WB-NC-A-6A32 600×960×1525 32U
WB-NC-A-6622 600×600×1081 22U WB-NC-A-6642 600×600×1748 42U
WB-NC-A-6822 600×800×1081 22U WB-NC-A-6842 600×800×1748 42U
WB-NC-A-6922 600×900×1081 22U WB-NC-A-6942 600×900×1748 42U
WB-NC-C-6A22 600×960×1081 22U WB-NC-A-6A42 600×960×1748 42U
WB-NC-A-6627 600×600×1303 27U WB-NC-A-6647 600×600×2192 47U
WB-NC-A-6827 600×800×1303 27U WB-NC-A-6847 600×800×2192 47U
WB-NC-A-6927 600×900×1303 27U WB-NC-A-6947 600×900×2192 47U
WB-NC-A-6A27 600×960×1303 27U WB-NC-A-8847 800×800×2192 47U

Standard Accessories

600 to 800 mm Depth,2 fans ,20sets of M6 cage nuts are free, 800mm width or 1000 mm Depth,4 fans ,20 sets of M6 cage nut are free 2 vertical cable managers are free of charge for 800 width rack 4 Castors and feet are standard equiped,earthing bolts

Optiuonal Accessories

Fixed shelf Sliding shlef
Keyboard tray PDU socket
Cable manager Patch panel