Fiber Optic Splicing Accessories


Fiber Optic Termination Box


Ordering Information:

P/N Description No. of ports Max. Capacity (core)
NB-FOCL-D Termination Box, Plastic 2 24
NB-FOCL-B Termination Box, Metal 2 48
NB-FOCL-A Termination Box, Metal 2 24
NB-FOCL-C Termination Box, Metal 2 24

Fiber Optic Splice Cassettes:

  • Material: Flame-Resisting (UL94V0) PA
  • Color: White & Black
  • Dimension: 155x92x10mm


Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeve:


  • Single holed (preshrunk) and eliminates fiber threading.
  • Smooth, de-burred stainless steel reinforcing member ends decrease and risk of fiber damage during installation.
  • Extended liner length prevents contact between the fiber and the backbone.
  • Clear sleeve design per sign easy centering of splice before heating.
  • Sealing structure makes the splice free from the effect of temperature and humidity from environment.


A specially designed cross linked polyolefin tubing system, with meltable liner, providing strength and protection to optical fiber splices.

Usage Environment:

  • Operating temperature: -55°C~+60°C
  • Shrinking Temperature range: 90°C~+110°C


P/N (100-pack) Sleeve length Strength member length Diameter after shrink Fiber count Recommended cleave length Coating diameter
NB-FOPG-018 60mm 51mm 3.1mm Single 16mm 0.25mm to 0.9mm